EVO Offers Variety of Cloud Based Solutions for Small Businesses

Small business entrepreneurs deserve the same cost-saving work solutions that are available to larger operations. Executive Virtual Office (EVO) fills that need by providing affordable virtual office solutions for voice, cloud and meeting services. These mobile solutions give small businesses a higher level of functionality that allows them to operate in the same manner as larger businesses, ultimately resulting in company growth. Small businesses have less access to buying power, yet in order to complete, they must have the same tools. As the world moves more toward virtual office solutions, EVO aims to provide those solutions to help start-ups become viable business entities

Small business owners now have many different options at their disposal to help grow their businesses. Instead of pleading with banks for loans to fund software, hardware and other physical aspects of their operations, they can turn to the cloud for solutions. Managing business enterprises on the cloud is the wave of the future, allowing for flexible, customized business solutions. In addition, these cloud based solutions offer security and reliability, offering the opportunity to share information anywhere and across all manner of devices through EVO Voice, EVOCloud and EVOMeeting, while keeping such information private. EVO remains committed to helping small businesses grow through its crowd funding campaigns that help businesses get the tools they need.