EVO Cloud

EVO Cloud

Why Choose EVOCloud?

The era of clunky desktops and 9-to-5 business conducted in the same office or cubicle day after day is rapidly disappearing, so office connectivity and computing power must now be adaptable to reach any employee on any device – anytime, anywhere. Enter EVOCloud, providing today’s highly mobile workforce with a powerful and agile virtual desktop that runs all of their applications and functions in a Web browser. And best of all, we deliver all this with no contract or mandatory long-term commitment required.

Your Personalized Dashboard

The EVOCloud dashboard features intuitive point-and-click configuration, so end users or managers can easily customize their user experience. Our powerful Webtop enables instant mobile collaboration and accessibility, more than meeting the critical “accessible anytime, anywhere” challenge for businesses of any size.

Embed OpenSocial Gadgets
and SharePoint Pages

Webtops can be further customized with gadgets from EVOCloud, including OpenSocial Gadgets such as local area weather, stocks or news feeds. Our tight integration with SharePoint allows end users to easily access these resources (e.g., group sites, document libraries, custom lists, etc). All transmissions are secured by SSL, and single sign-on is handled automatically and transparently to the end user. If you have a favorite page, it’s easy to embed that into your Webtop; however, if all you need is a specific part of any SharePoint page, you can do that too.

The EVOCloud Difference

Why is EVOCloud the Clear communications/ collaboration choice for smart budget- and service-minded buyers? In contrast to other cloud service providers, EVOCloud is laser-focused on the total service package of optimal performance, reliability, stability, flexibility, scalability and security.


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